Vertical Stewardship

In God's Money by harvest.admin

1 Chronicles 29:12 – It’s all God’s Money. Many nod their head in agreement, but when it’s time to act on it, it’s as if we have completely forgotten. Suddenly it is our money and we try desperately to get or keep it.

My passion in this series is to transform the way we think about money. Money is the currency of life that can disproportionally control our minds and distract us from God. The answer is not to stop thinking about money. We don’t need to think about money less; we need to think about money differently!

This series is not about getting more, saving much, or giving. It’s about a different way to think about money. If we adopt God’s view we are in for a major adjustment in our mindset – and major relief. God’s message to us about money is…it’s not our money; it’s His!

It starts when we think of money VERTICALLY. The bottom line is that we are not owners of anything; we are stewards. When we realize our Vertical Stewardship, we can be released from the tyranny of money worries and money ambitions. God’s desire for us in our finances is that we relax in the reality of His ownership.

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