This is Good Friday: The 4 Cups of Passover (Exodus 6:6-7)

In Good Friday and Easter by Maryam Nejad

Did you know that the entire Holy Week, from Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday to Good Friday and Easter is set within the Jewish celebration of Passover?  The Feast of Unleavened Bread, or Passover, was the time the children of Israel remembered and gave thanks for how God delivered them out of slavery from Egypt.  A special meal was observed and each element symbolized what God did to save them.  When Jesus told us to remember what he did by observing the Lord’s Table, he was eating the Passover meal and giving new meaning to the symbols.  He used 4 Cups of Passover to explain what he did on Good Friday.  Come remember Jesus Christ in a special way as we observe Communion while seeing the symbols that Jesus used to explain all he did on Good Friday.

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