Persevering Beyond the Pandemic (2 Corinthians 1:8-11)

In Guest Speakers by Maryam Nejad

It hardly takes a PHD or a prophet to observe that we are living in exceptional times. This pandemic has hit our planet like a tsunami, flooding the world with fear, disrupting literally every facet of life. And we’re going to be observing the real damage of this pandemic as we’re leaving our homes and shelters. The question we have to ask is, how will we rebound in the face of such sweeping effects? Pondering about how it makes one feel weak, frail, discouraged and perhaps even overwhelmed. So the question we need to wrestle through is, from where do we find resilience to be able to move forward? We’re together to be encouraged by God’s Word together.

Listen to Pastor Dave Harvey, president of Great Commission Collective open God’s Word for us on this important subject.

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