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Harvest Small Groups

Our aim is to glorify God by loving God and His mission of making quality disciples of Christ. We believe this is best accomplished in the context of community, where believers are able to mutually care for and encourage one another in accountable relationships by growing in Christ-likeness through God’s Word, worship, prayer and witness.

All of our small groups are cross-generational, a balance of male and female, married and singles. We believe this most likely resembles the early church in Acts. Our topics of study are aimed at sanctification and growing disciples where we are all on the same journey.The particular struggles indicative of our age groups are opportunities for the body of Christ to come around us to support us and encourage us in our pursuit of Christ-likeness. You can expect to find people within your group to whom you can relate and fellowship with in addition to the weekly meetings. Church membership is not required to be in a Small Group.

Small Groups are a big deal at Harvest. It is the place where relationships are cultivated, care is distributed, truth is encountered, and maturity is fostered in our lives. Joining a small group is essential part of making Harvest home.

We aren’t just a church with Small Groups,
we’re a church of Small Groups.

Small Group Meetings

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