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We would like to invite everyone to participate in Go Deeper Conference happening on 18th and 20th of August!

18TH AUG | 9.30am – 5pm
By Dr. Tom Wood & Rev. David Whitehead
Fee: RM60 (includes Lunch & Tea Breaks)

Go Deeper: Intentional Gospel Conversations

How do we equip ourselves to be good disciplers of one another?
We want to help you become more equipped to have meaningful and fruitful conversations about your faith with your Christian friends.

What we are inviting you to do is to have intentional gospel conversations with each other. This involves intentionally doing life with others and talkng together in the context of regular ongoing friendship for a joyful personal revolution that leads to honouring God and to deeper community.

Here’s some important things you should know:

* We see this happening in the context of genuine relationships. We do not want anyone turning their friends into “projects”. On the day we will explore how we can become better listeners and better at asking questions so that we can know and understand our fellow Christians, their doubts and their perspective.

* We want to instill the idea that intentional gospel conversations are about a dialogue. You will learn how to become more comfortable interacting about your faith with some tools that provide a frame-work for conversations.

* We believe the most effective way to have intentional gospel conversations is an organic process in community. You will be encouraged to engage with people you know in a way that allows you to have thoughtful gospel conversations and that leads to growing Gospel communities.

9.30am – Introduction to Going Deeper with Gospel Conversations
10.30am – Morning Tea
10.45am – How are we transformed by Gospelling life Together?
12.30pm – Lunch
1.15pm – What is C.R.O.S.S. Disciple-Making Part 1 (Practical Applications)
3.00pm – Afternoon Tea
3.15pm – What is C.R.O.S.S. Disciple-Making Part 2 (Practical Applications)

20TH AUG | 9.30am – 5pm
(For Church planters and people interested in church planting)
By Dr. Tom Wood & Rev. David Whitehead
Fee: RM100 (includes Lunch & Tea Breaks)

* Special Package Rate for both events: RM120


Please do contact us by sending us an email or call us at the office for more information!


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